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Author Spotlight - Brandye Phillips

Write Way Writer's Group Welcomes:  Brandye Phillips

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On April 10, 2007 at 7:00 P.M.  Children's author Brandye Phillips visited Write Way Writers' Group.

Joliet Native and author, Brandye Phillips, will visit local chruches and schools before leaving town for the 2007 "Addicted to Love" book tour this spring.

Brandye's New Book
Because of the tragic events surrounding America, safety is a top-priority for everyone.

Therefore, Brandye Phillips is proud to launch a series of safety books for children called "The Adventures of the Happy Little Chicken."

The highly-anticipated series debuted in August of 2002 with "Don't Talk To Strangers."

"With the children's safety series, it is my intention to open up dialogue between parents and their children, and between teachers and their students about important safety issues," said Phillips. "Also, my purpose is to help young people recapture their interest in reading. Raising literacy rates in our communities and promoting safety awareness for children are issues we all can embrace."

Brandye Phillips is the author of three books.  The first, "Celebrate Your Greatness," has a forward  by Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, and it is available in Illinois libraries.  The second, "Don't Talk to Strangers," is a children's safety book.  The third, "Addicted to Love," Is available through Barnes and Nobles.

For scheduling information, please call Brandye's Manager, Gerry Beimler, at (815) 280-3366.  Together we can make our community stronger and better!

"Through my inspirational poetry, my mission is to aid people in seeing the endless possibilities for their lives," said Phillips.

Brandye Phillips is CABJ's 2000 Carole Simpson Scholar.  A resident of 

Joliet, IL, Brandye is a student at Columbia College. Growing academically 
and professionally, Brandye became a member of CABJ while still in high 
school. Her many professional attributes include a prior internship at WVON-AM 
Radio and a job shadowing venture with Vernon Jarrett at WLS-TV, where she 
was a co-host for his public affairs show.